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Image by Marius Masalar

Based in Los Angeles, Soft Power was formed by two industry professionals with the goal of

providing a custom and cohesive musical vision to every project.  

Jaron Halmy, an Emmy Award Winning TV and Film Director/Editor, has spent two decades

behind the camera and in the edit.  As a classically trained musician, his dedication to the craft

is only rivaled by his understanding of the role unique music plays in telling a great story.

Novica Bozunovich, a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has been bringing visual art to life with music for over 15 years.  His strong understanding of tone and timbre through production and sound design is crucial to his ability to convey feel and emotion.

Their combined knowledge and experience form something larger than the sum of its parts.  

Above all, Soft Power is renowned for their integrity and ability to provide distinctive insight

into the complexity of music to picture.  

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